This section of the web site deals with projects that various Alberg 35 owners have undertaken over time. Aside from being useful information, it might also inspire you to make some long-awaited updates to your own Alberg 35!

Accommodations & Interior

Deck Systems & Hardware

  • Tackling Ground Tackle - Various owners chime in on how they organize their ground tackle on deck. 
  • Helmsman's Seat - One seating solution for the helmsman on Alberg 35's with a wheel.

Electrical & Electronics

  • Battery Bank Locations - Various owners describe where they have located their battery banks aboard their boats.
  • Cockpit Instrument Panel - One way to deal with new instruments that don't fit into the old holes in the bulkhead.
  • Depth Sounder Replacement - How an aging depth sounder was replaced with a new, forward-looking unit.
  • Simple Knotmeter/Log - A quick and dirty way to use a spare part from a former boat to add important instrumentation.
  • Mast Rewiring - Replacing the original mast wiring in an Alberg 35 mast.

Mechanical Spaces

Rig & Rigging

  • Mast Step Anatomy - Photos disassembling the deck step for the mast so you know what to expect.

Miscellaneous Projects & Tips

  • Bilge Drain Installation - A quick and dirty way to install a drain in the deep, deep bilge of the Alberg 35.
  • Thru-Hull Overhaul - An example of what's involved when you need to overhaul a traditional thru-hull fitting.