Valero, Hull #280, Shows Off Her Cockpit Canvas

Last updated: 13 August 1999

After coming in from a day sail, we spotted a boat with really familiar-looking lines tied to the village dock. Since there aren't too many Alberg 35s sailing in Lake Ontario, it took a while to realize that the dark blue hull my crew was viewing was a sister ship. A quick trip ashore and a knock on the hull put us in contact with the delightful owners of Valero.

As you can see in the photos, Valero sports teak decks that were installed by her current owner of 22 years. The most distinctive feature, however, was her dodger, cockpit awning and weather cloths. Since cockpit awnings and dodgers are frequent topics of discussion among Alberg 35 owners, I thought these photos might be of interest.

Also of interest (at least to me) was to see how Volero had her anchor roller set up. For those of you who are also contemplating the installation of such a device, here's the photo.