Here are some articles about the Alberg 35 and other topics applicable to our boats. You can read them by clicking on the link in the "Article Library" menu to the right.

Cruising World Magazine

Good Old Boat Magazine

  • Review Boat: Alberg 35, Jul 2009 - A review of the Alberg 35 by Gregg Nestor. (PDF File)
  • When is an Ericson Really an Alberg?, Sep 1998 - A comparison between the Ericson 35 and the Alberg 35 by Jerry Powlas.
  • Cool and Quiet and Trouble Free, Sep 1998 - A detailed look at marine exhaust systems. Very helpful if you are refurbishing yours. Written by Jerry Powlas.
  • Analysis of a Near Dismasting, Sep 2016 - How corrosion and fatigue in an unsuspecting place almost brought down an Alberg 35 mast in Lake Ontario. Written by Tom Alley.
  • I Am A Sailor, Nov 2016 - A young woman reflects on growing up aboard in an Alberg 35 family. Written by Katie Alley.

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