Welcome to the home page of the Alberg 35 User Group, celebrating over 25 years online. (Est. 1997) This makes us one of the older sites on the "World Wide Web"!

The purpose of this web site is to provide a clearing house of information for current and former Pearson Alberg 35 owners to share about their boats and the adventures they have while sailing them. Having acquired mine in 1996, I am always interested in learning more about the boat, as well as in meeting other owners and to hear stories about their boats.

If you own (have owned / are owned by) an Alberg 35 and would like to become a member of the Alberg 35 User Group, please register by clicking on the "Create an account..." link to the right. Membership is free. (I'd rather spend money on my boat, too!) To my knowledge, the A35 User Group is the only owners' association for this magnificent vessel.

Whether you are an Alberg 35 owner or not, please feel free to browse around and look in all of the corners of the site. While there is some model-specific information here, there is also a great deal of knowledge that is generic to the ownership of (or possession by) a "Good Old Boat." If there is a topic missing, please drop me a line and I'll see what we can do to include an article on the subject. Most of all, enjoy the site. I hope you feel at home!

- Capt. Tom

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)...

The September-October 2022 issue of Good Old Boat magazine is out, and the cover photo is from none other than Tomfoolery (Hull #212) as she was traveling down the Hudson River last spring and going under the Tappan Zee Bridge around 02:00 in the morning. Part 1 of the story about her crew's big adventure as they attempted to join in with the 2021 Marion-Bermuda Race can be found on page 34. 

Part 2 of Tomfoolery's adventure can be found in the November-December 2022 issue on page 20.



Returning Alberg 35 Owners

If this is the first time you've logged back into the site since it's been updated, you will need to re-register. To do so, just click on the "Create An Account..." link in the Login Form to the right and follow the prompts. You will receive an email with a link to click to confirm your request and your account should be activated within 24 hours. If you don't receive an email after a few hours, please reach out to me directly and I'll get things fixed! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)