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Registration Form

To register as a member of the Alberg 35 user group, please fill in the following form with the information requested.

Membership Requirements

To qualify for membership you must satisfy the following requirements:

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NOTE: Your name, e-mail address and boat data will automatically appear in the owner's directory after your registration has been processed.

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If you have a web site for your boat, please share the URL so that it can be linked from the Alberg35.org web site!
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Terms and Conditions

No fancy legal talk here - common sense and courtesy shall prevail.

Simply put, registering with the Alberg 35 User Group will give you access to personal information about other Alberg 35 owners. In exchange, you agree to provide similar information about yourself. (Fair is fair, right?)

Furthermore, you recognize that the information on the "private" section of this web site is, well, PRIVATE (duh!) and is not to be shared or disseminated outside of this group. Doing so will be grounds for being shunned by this group.

So simple even an Alberg 35 owner can understand it, right? Good. Now click the SUBMIT button to meet some like-minded people and have some fun with an interest we all share!

Pressing the SUBMIT button below will send the information you have entered to the Alberg 35 User Group coordinator via e-mail. Some browsers are set to automatically display a security warning if form data is e-mailed without being encrypted.